Pilki Search 10
Sometimes there's no excuse for a good bbq. And that one can be found easily by Pascal who thought the Luxembourg area of Vianden is good to be at. He's right! A lot of pleasure can be found there, good weather and always a supermarket within reach.

We were there with Pascal, Gerdjan, Tom, Wendy, Juul, Jessica and me, Bart. For Pascal it was the first time the big CBX was taken for a good trip. Gerdjan made his first roll ever as he only had his bike for a month. Juul wanted to go with the FZR660 but unfortunately his intake rubber was torn. Jessica had a renewed exhaust, it worked fine. Bart's CB900f was out of the running so he took the CB400f. Tom and Wendy of course went on the big red BMW engine.

This is a map of the area of Vianden. On the border with Germany, Eifel and Ardennes within reach!!!