Vianden, Luxembour April 2009
What fun to leap into spring and find out that the Easter weekend is one other to enjoy the rubber in Luxembourg and the German Eifel areal. Only a few hundred km of riding and we're there! Of course, to enjoy the bbq, beers and bikes only.

Starting off with preparing our bikes, Juul was a little worried for his charging system on the CB750. We made a temp solution, so it seemed at that time. But once in Germany at the first refuel he found out the battery was to low to start the bike. A push-start home it was unfortunately.

Nevertheless the four of us went on, to find out at the camping site that the poles on Tom and Wendy's tent were too short and Bart and Jessica didn't bring any spikes to hold the tent down... A good way to start a weekend! Looking for bbq material we found out that there wasn't any near. So we went to a restaurant. Of course it started raining like hell so we were saved by not bbq-ing. That's a first!
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