Pilki Search 17-20 May 2007
When having 4 days in one weekend, we sure have to go somewhere! Not everybody was together the whole weekend, but we tried and made it a good time. Don, Aniek, Jan and Olga decided to go the 17th to inspect Belgium. After a DR600 breakdown, Don and Aniek retreived the transport capsule to carry forward the Suzuki.

Ofcourse this didn't stop the fun. On saturday Bart also came along and had some fun. Olga got to know her Kawasaki pretty good, which will improve the ride to North-Africa this fall. Jan and Don rode on Jan's CB450 and Aniek still had to wait a week.

As you can see, the weather was great, roads open and free and there were still many corners around in the area between Spa and Malmedy.