On a friday 9 february 2007 we all came together to discuss the possibility to ride together at the end of this year. On a big trip. We have all looked for various options that would take up 5 weeks and wouldn't cost us more than € 2500 each, including a motorbike.

Options were many, a trip to Mongolia, Peru, buying a motorbike in India and ride back home or participate the Amsterdam-Dakar Challenge. One by one it would not be a good idea. Too expensive, not exciting enough, too much "trouble" from official organisations, etc.

What's left? Our heart went out most to the Amsterdam-Dakar Challenge because of the adventure. Since we don't live in Amsterdam and probably won't have enough time to end up in Dakar we will simply start in the Boxtel area and ride towards the African continent and see what happens.

The group was thinned out from 6 to 4 persons that have been working hard on their motorcycles:

So the team of 4 will start riding. A date is set, 28 oktober 2007, and it will have a kick-off at Valkenswaard, where Don's grandfather has a big piece of land where we all can party and sleep a little. From there it all will happen. It ends on the place where no bike will return. All four of them are planned to be canned, given away or whatever.