Oktober 28 2007
Don, Tom, Jan and Olga were set to leave for Morocco. Finally you can say because we've all heard so much and saw them busy with their bikes. Also they were the ones without holidays so far this year. An here they went.

On this Sunday we gathered at Don's grandfathers garden in Valkenswaard with a first trip. Jan, Olga and Don were there. Also Aniek, Jessica, Juul and I (Bart) to have a last chat and some fun.

Tom was still working on some stuff on his bike. But monday was the day for some last things, also for Jan. So a bit of wrenching and riding and so on. A night in Valkenswaard again would do the trick. Tuesday would be good to leave. We haven't heard exactly what happened. But it was something with a wheel bearing on Don's bike and a locknut on the rearbrake of Jan's. Aniek was sure about Don coming into the house as she saw what he left for traces!

Wednesday the Valkenswaard countryside was left for good. November 1st we got a message that they were in Germany and didn't really know why. My guess is faith accompanied with a lack of roadmaps. But it was dry in the main building of a camping somewhere. Nobody was there so they could stay inside.

Friday the 2nd another message was passed through from the area of Metz, France. No problems except for finding a camping as it was national autumn holiday. The next day they were somewhere to be found in the area between Dijon and Lyon. Olga didn't feel too good and some minor things with cables was fixed again.

And... in another hotel again... Campings that have service are hard to find in November?!