6 November
Don had no clue where they would be at that time told Aniek. But lucky enough I got in contact with Tom and he assured me that they were in the area of La Madeleine, southern France. My guess is that would be a little bit south of Avignon.

8 November
All went well this day, they were very happy as Tim and Dorie received a little boy. Ofcourse a drink to this occasion. They were in Andorra (la Vella) and loved riding in these mountains. They are doing very well, on the fabulous mountain roads. It's warm at daytime but freezing-your-ass-off cold at night.

Just the two Kawasakis have a minor difficulty, they didn't get enough air in the mountains so the airfilters were removed. Now they make good noise! Something else still needs to be determined...

10 November
The message was that Salou, Spain was reached. Which could mean party time!!! No news since this though...