11 November
Arrival just under Valencia. De planning is dat ze vandaag of morgen op de boot zullen zitten. Volgens mij wilde ze niet bij Gibraltar over, maar ik weet niet meer waar dan wel. Olga heeft het wel laten zien.

12 November
Plan is to arrive at the harbour today or maybe tomorrow. Departure from Almeria. They don't want to cross at Gibraltar, as this will save them a 2 or 3 day ride.

14 November
And for today, the boat was found! Don and Olga were buying tickets to the other side while Tom and Jan waited in the 25 degrees Celcius, that must have been hard! They all got a notice in their passport that said they were taking the motorcycles with them...

15 November
They have entered Marocco! Melilla to be exact. Tom said it's a messy place to be at, but he'll get used to that. They have come 3000 km with their rides which they think is not bad at all!