21 November
The Moroccan travellers are doing great! The last few days they have been riding through the desert, Don is fond of that stuff. From there they plan to go to Fez.

22 November
Some Moroccan shepherds have entered our guestbook telling us that our website is quite nice. They are really sincere as they also mentioned to like sheep a lot more. Check out the guestbook if you like here...

Besides this good news a second shepherd wanted to know how he could join in on our gang, I have emailed him all details with GPS positions. I hope he brings in a few sheep, news was that they do pretty good on the barbecue.

22 November
They have arrived in hotel Beire, in Midelt. There is no beer, but everything else can be bought quite cheap. They are riding around looking for a way up again in time, another few days and they plan to go back is what I've heard.