A broken blinker is something that often happens. Really annoying things they are, most often in the way when getting on or off your bike when you're drunk or trying to move the bike through a door somewhere. Jessica and I found her left rear blinker hanging sadly when we went to Calais in 2006.

We repaired it with some Duck tape that 2 bikers from Danmark had on their blinker for just in case. In the end it turned out to be not the real Duck tape and soon the blinker was loose again. Luckily I have enough spare parts to make a new blinker again...

This is the repair spot in France where the blinker needed the attention first. The on-spot repair lasted for a while.

When professionally repairing your blinker, you first remove the broken one.
These parts are old and new mixed. From this tough puzzle decisions have to be made which to use and what to loose.
This is a typical example of what you don't want to use als a blinker anymore. The old one was simply wrecked.
For proper functioning, use cola to get rid of rust from the small parts. Use the "real thing" for it is the most agressive.
Let it stay in the cola for a night. That should do the trick. Rinse off the parts afterwards or they keep sticky.
When putting the renewed blinker together, use contactfluid on the wiring . Just to make sure it will work fine.
In the end it looks like this. Of course this is not a hard thing to do, but blinkers are handy to have on a bike.