How to revise brakes that have been used too long? On my Hond (a CB900F) I didn't change brake fluid for years. Neither were the original brake hoses replaced. What I needed to do was changing fluid, brake-hoses and cleaning (revising) the calipers. I bought braided hoses on the Fighterama for only € 55,- which is a very good deal.

I also got hold of Honda VF1000F wheels (boomerang style) and I needed another master cylinder as the old one leaks at the resevoir. Juul provided me with an Yamaha FZR-600 type. Another upgrade! Also I got hold of new 1991 type Honda CBR-600 brake-discs. Alltogether a very good tune-up for the performance and safety too!

Starting here, original wheels, discs, brake hoses and all that. I started with the front brakes. You simply screw them loose from the front fork and the handlebar.

Take them apart and be carefull with the brakefluid as it is very agressive. I took the whole caliper apart and cleaned it out. The cilinders from the caliper were polished and put back in place. and with an aircompressor dried it again.

The new master cylinder fits perfect! If it stops a sportsbike, why not mine? Use a syringe to squirt the brake fluid from
the calipers up to the master cilinder. This way you have less air in the hoses to get rid off.
Revised calipers and braided brake hoses make a lot of difference. In performance and looks that is...
This is the new wheel, for now this will work. The new brake discs still have to arrive.
It looks good, finally a black wheel! It's an inch smaller and was bound to give better handling.
These are the new brake discs.
Orange is not my thing, so here goes...
Black of course! I simply used flat black in three layers and a top layer of gloss finish.
The result, it's perfect all the way. These holes look after better cooling and better handling when it's raining.

Take the front wheel out and remove the bolts that hold the brake disc. Now it's easy to get close to, so I cleaned it with WD-40 all the way.
After putting back the brake discs, the result is nice. The rims look like new!

This is the "new" rear wheel. Also from an 1984 Honda VF1000F. The black boomerang style really matches my bike good. I cleaned it with WD-40 as well. I also got the matchin caliper and torque link. This is the aluminium bracket (see under) that holds the caliper.
The torque link is casted aluminium. I wanted a real clean look, and some work.
After filing and sanding it only needed polishing. It turned out brandnew!
The last parts are ready to be mounted... First try was to be sure everything would fit nicely. And it does...
Another great result, new braided hoses, calipers revised, a new master cylinder, new wheels and new brake discs!