Also Bandits need a bit of attention sometimes. The camshaft chain span tensioner was loosened too much and needed to be reset. You notice this when there is a bit of dragging noise coming from the engine as if a chain drags onto something. It is not a big problem, but could start one. And it's relatively easy to solve. You only have to take it off the bike, loosen the chain a bit, reset the tensioner and mount it back in place. The only tricky bit was the work that came with it... You need about 5 hours for this job...

Place the bike on the centerstand and make sure you can work on both sides. Then take off the seat and rear fairing.
Put the petrol tap on stop and remove the hoses from it, take off the tank. Also loosen the airbox from the carburators.
You loosen the airbox with the screws that hold the round metal clips. Also loosen the other side of the carburators.
Then pull the carburators to the right side where they won't bother you while taking off other parts.
This is the camshaft chain span tensioner. Loosen the oil tubes and first remove the big bolt (M19, tensioner). Then the ones that hold on the housing.
When the seal is broken, replace it. The manual says always, and it only costed me € 1,40 so why not? It keeps oil in the engine and that's a good thing.
This is the spanner. The rod was out of it's housing and couldn't go any further.
Simply push it back into the housing untill the last tooth of the rod.
After cleaning off the old oil seal, you put the new oil seal between the engine and spanner housing. Tighten the bolts and then you can start on the tensioner.
The tensioner has a brass seal that you can file so it is as new again. When fastening the ring will compress and keep the oil inside the engine.

Before you fasten the spanner, turn over the crankshaft about four to five rounds so the camshaft chain loosens in it's housing. This is very important for the tensioner could not settle well. Turning over the crankshaft is done clockwise on the right side of the engine with a 19MM wrench.
Before you fasten the tensioner, you will notice that the spanner rod clicks it's way into the engine.
After placing the tensioner you can start putting all the loose parts back in place in the opposite order when loosening.
In the end, you should have no parts left and the bike looks like nothing happened. The strange noise is gone, too!