October 2009 there was some experience in riding this Balou. After a few times adjusting and synchronising the carbs it just didn't run that well. Also there was not much power gained after the revision. Pascal decided to go for a K&N and Dynojet set to mount and have the bike tested and adjusted at a Dynojet testing center. We thought it would only be a maximum of 3 hours labour, as experiences told us from working on a CB900f. Well, how wrong we could be! We worked from 17.30 pm to 2.00 am.
Cleaning out the frame and engine, saves 25 kilo!!!
Allright... With which of all of those do I start?
Here's what you need to install Dynojet
Progress during installing the new needles
Will this line hold it in place?
Lubing up the lady!
And stay! We used this equipment to mount the
carbs inline again... What a strugle!
Don't forget the filters... The middle one is a tight fit
See what we did... First you install the manifold...
Because the filter doesn't fit. We broke it off
and glued it back on, the frame was 3cm too low!
After glueing, this is the way to fixate it!
And... Will it run, does it sound good?
Really a tigh fit, but it looks more modern. And it lost a few kilo. Also some power should be gained.
The sound is good, throttle response not yet. See next part when we pay the tuner a visit...