How to revise an ordinary clutch. Ordinary clutches are wet sump. The plates are pushed together by springs. There are steel plates and plates with carbon-looking sides, they are the ones that wear out in time.

How do you know if they are worn? Then we talk about a slipping clutch. You can notice this when you drive and lose power while the engine works allright and when revolutions (rpm) go up but you don't go any faster. It sucks, so this is what you need to do...

First of all, put your bike on the sidestand for a while so the oil moves along the other side. The clutch is on the right side of the bike, so with the motor hanging towards the left, all oil drains away. Still put a bowl or something to catch the last drops...

Look up the side where your clutch is located on the bike. Then remove the clutch cable and other things that are in the way. Here there's also a kickstarter.
The center "pressure" plate has bolts that need to be removed turn by turn to divide the presure evenly. It could break or bend.
Then remove the springs and the center nut to remove the casing.
Once you've taken out the clutch casing, part the steel clutch plates from the carbon-looking ones.
Take the old clutchplates (right set) to your local clutch-dealer and buy new ones. Put those in a layer of oil for a day so they can soak up oil. These plates are wet-sump, remember!
Now you start here, an empty spot. It's clean and you should keep it this way.
Put in the old steel and new carbon-like clutch plates one by one. I have not discovered any difference between the sides here. If there is, look carefull!
Put back the basket with clutch plates. Be carefull that they don't fall out, dirt on them is not good.
Then put back the center piece. Really easy!
Don't forget the small washer that often has marked "outside". Do as told.

After this you are finished revising the clutch. Install the clutch cover again and the clutch cable. You probably need to adjust the clutch clearance again.


This is the cheapest Honda part ever! Only € 0,60 and if you look close, I really needed to change it. This locks on the nut that holds the whole clutch, so it's a good investment.