How to fix the clutch on a motorbike like a BMW. We've had the experience to need to repair it. On a boxer engine like BMW the clutch is situated between the engine and the gearbox. It's terrible, you need to almost take the whole bike apart for access. And BMW recommends doing this every year. So we recommend not riding a BMW Boxer for more than one year...

So here goes the manual. First place the bike on a motorlift or the centerstand. Strip it for the biggest part. This means take off the seat, petroltank, exhaust(s), battery, carburators and airfilter box. Also little parts like the clutch cable, rearbreak and gearselector need to be taken off.

Make sure the bike is steady on a small lift like this, you don't want to let it fall and it's too heavy to hold it when it does...
Before removing the rearwheel you need to screw loose the shaftdrive axle. Let someone hold the wheel while loosening the 4 bolts. Some oil will pour out, place a bowl underneath.
After also loosening the rearfork you can pull it backwards. This creates more space that you need when removing the gearbox and clutch.
So this is how the bike will look after a while. Notice that the exhaust is not removed, this machine has homemade pipes that are not in the way.
The pin is from the clutch that sticks from the rear al the way through the gearbox. Around it is the main gearbox axle. It's teeth grinded through the clutchplate...
With the gearbox removed you look directly at the clutch. But before you act further...
Don't forget to mark the separate plates. We took a marker for this. At the BMW factory the different plates are balanced when placed on eachother. If you place them differently, the clutch would be out of balance and the boxer would rock around even more! It also looks after extra wear on parts.
On the left there's the old clutplate with the worn center. This is the result of no maintenance. This inside must be greased up every year!
And on the right the new plate. Do not forget to put a little bit of copper-grease in there, then the wear stays away much longer.

Left: returning the clutch. Don't forget to tighten the bolts evenly but steady.

Then rebuild everything again, it's a lot of work but now you're getting there! When rebuilding, make sure you clean bolts and nuts or replace them and also use some grease on joints. It's good for the bike!

Under here: The beemer looks very fast, it has lost a lot of weight now!
Under: when we returned the gearbox was placed on its side, thus loosing most of the filthy oil. So we needed that, too.