How to revise ignition coils. We came to find out that they can be tested, and of course on the CB400f project also these things were not in order. The coils themselves were allright, but the leads were broken. The old Honda type leads are not replaceable. So they said...

So what do yuo do when you do want to replace these? Just have fun with it! Buying new ones is too easy and we go for a challenge.

You start with the ignition coil itself. Clean it a bit and be sure you can work on it without damaging something else.
Then you need to make some holes on the places where the leads are fixed in the coil. Fiddle around a bit, don't worry about too big holes, it only works easier.
The first hole is made, up for the second. An ignition coil is for two spark plugs.
The second hole was not directly on the right place. But No problem, as long as the old leads get out of there!
The new leads can be pulled through by attaching another wire to it that is more flexible. Use silicon leads, they withstand more and are flexible.
This is the hole where the new lead just fit in. That's why we use the extra wire to pull through first. But that's what we encountered to make it easier.
After placing the new silicon leads you need to solder them to the coils.
One by one, and make sure it's tight and locked good. And let it cool down.
When finished, let it cool down and go on with the next one. (if you have more). This is nice work, you're almost finished with it! Only closing up the ignition coils is left to do.
We used Tixophalte (bituminous adhesive) to close up the coils. Whatever you use, make sure it sticks to plastics of which the coils are made and it must resist heat and wetness.