How to fabricate and mount an exhaust on a bike. We are the Dutch Association of Brulling Bikes, so what we need are the exhausts that make the difference... Many of us have bikes that were mounted with good exhaust like Yoshimura, Boss, Laser, to name a few.

So what do yuo do when your bike does not have a good sound? You either buy one, or make one yourself. Which is good fun, too!

You start with a tube. This is an exhaust that was "just there" and we needed it for Tim's bike. He has made the exhaust pipes himself, an original 2-in-1 exhaust for a BMW R100RT.
Then you need to fiddle around with some mazed pipes and steel wool. Cut off at the right size and then put it together.
This is not steel wool. Remember that after 5 minutes you will loose it and your bike roars like a hurdle again!
And this is the exhaust after a bit of use. Next thing is to weld a valve in here so the fumes go around in the pipe instead of directly out.
The bike has a clean look, but is waiting on the new exhaust.
On the road, noise is born. Tim decided to take out everything and mount an empty beercan instead. This was on our Pilki search 4.
The other way is to buy a muffler on internet for € 15,-
This is what I was looking for, the exit!
Since the old one was welded on the exhaustpipes, I needed a grinder. Cutting it halfway to see if something else would be inside.
The extra pipe inside was maintained so the new muffler could be mounted in between the inner and outer tube. Grinding carefully here...

And the result is great! The look is still classic, and the sound is like it should be. In the old one metal bits were jumping around, making sounds of pots and pans. This one is real sporty sounding.