Spitfest 2012, this is a how-to-build a grill specially for suckling pigs

Unbelievable what a man can do with enthusiasm, hunger and a couples of mates with even more ideas. Marc has dreamt about realising a pig on a spit for longer than he can remember. And because 2012 is the year of the dragon in China, we thought of fire, thus BBQ!

Starting with some ideas found on the web. Howto's, forums with other enthusiasts, and great stories, Marc couldn't resist the urge to get it done for celebrating his birthday. So he talked it over with some experts and got to work right away...

After some more ideas, we came up with refining the material. Testing the engine, the frame and setting up the gears (some old bicycle). When all is set, we toasted on the marriage. Of the frame and chassis, that is. Very official, anyway!