What's our website without some examples of what we're doing? We've collected quite a few experiences here. For us, they seem to work. If you'd like to know how we maintian our bikes. Try it at home for your own use, no problem. Just remember that none of us are schooled in this, so we don't take any responsibility... if a gastank blows up or whatever...

And do come back in this section, it will be growing untill we stop wrenching. So there's quite a few years to come we guess...

Automated pig grill
K&N and Dynojet on a CBX
camshaft chain tensioner
 Blinker repair
starter revision
revise dry clutch (BMW)
revise clutch (wet sump)
brake revision
fabricate and place an exhaust
revision of ignition coils
how to revise a CB400f
FZR-600 twin project
Revising Pascal's 1978 Honda CBX
Tuning Juul's FZR600
Tuning Bart's Hond
Tim's 1974 CB125 project
.Don's DR600 revision