Moto Retro Wieze February 2014
For quite a while Don had something added in his favorites: a café racer trade fair. We came across the Moto Retro Wieze and thought it'd be nice to see some machinery and obviously also the old "low-tech" stuff that was used in those days. But it's more to it, because the age of café racers origins from the fact that people made their own stuff because they couldn't afford to buy new and wanted to make the bike their own.

This is what we want to believe, and also like about motorbikes a lot. Start with standard and add some things to have it your own way. So we went for a little road trip. Due to the extreme humid conditions we got there in our transport capsule instead of the two-wheeled favorites.

We saw many motors, from all kinds of brands. Flandria, Zundapp, Kreidler, all kinds of Jap and Euro bikes. Not too many British unfortunately We heard people speaking English, French, Flemish, Dutch and a bit of German.

























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