Of course a Dutch association is often to be found around this globe. Why else did they invent passports and massive bhp to roam around burning fuel, alcohol and producing noise!!!

Something special are our plans to take over the world. We've come quite far we think. And that's exceptional, because we don't think too much, we rather act. But here are a few pics of us being noticed around the world...

Don and Jan were in India on a trip through northern India and Nepal and also visited the Taj Mahal. Of course there was a lack of local Dabbs publicity, this has been taken care of immediately.

This picture was taken in December 2005.

There's a weblog of the trip here, but we still need to convert the trip to our website in order to let you see the pictures as well...

When Don visited Ethiopia for work in August 2007 he could't resist of promoting our club to the local motorists, we're very proud on that!
On holiday you make pictures. For world-wide recognition, you send them to the newspaper. The summer of 2007 Jessica and Bart were at Mont St. Michel in France among many other places and they send in their picture to the holiday section of the Brabants Dagblad.

Click on the picture for a bigger view!

We are seen by oliepeil, an online motormagazine from the Netherlands. If you'd like to read the article, click on the picture right from these words. Jan and Bart have received the award for "most popular Dabbs associate of the month".

Source: www.oliepeil.nl August 2008


Here is more about our trips that deal with a special feeling. Are you one of those who always wanted to know what pilki is? Did you know that Pilki from France tastes the same as the Belgian type? These are some features Pilki is well known for:
- smooth
- outgoing
- thirst-quenching
- appealing to both sexes
- available in different tastes
- once you taste it, you're hooked on it!
Left is pilki, right is shit!

We have introduced the Pilki-searches. These are tours to a country where Pilki could or should be sold. Many addresses are known to us from Belgian and German Pilki Suppliers. In France & Spain you should come across the shops as you ride along. Click here for addresses in Belgium and Germany!

1. Pilki Search June 2001
2. Pilki Search May 2003
3. Pilki Search March 2004
4. Pilki Search July 2004
5. Pilki Search November 2005
6. Pilki Search April 2006
7. Pilki Search May 2007
8. Pilki Search October 2007
9. Pilki Search April 2008
10. Pilki Search August 2008
11. Pilki Search April 2009
12. Pilki Search May 2009
13. Pilki Search May 2010