First Pilki-search

We left for a short ride to Butgenbach, Belgium to go on our first Pilki-search ever. This meant a weekend filled with beer and bbq and of course looking for Pilki. The problem of Pilki is that nowhere really near Butgenbach is an Intermarche, known for the Pilki.

The camping is Camping Worriken, just one km outside the town's center.
Here's a map of the site:

This is the town of Butgenbach... Plan is to leave at around 10 a.m., the 2nd of June. Returning the 4th, hopefully filled up and planning the next one already...

The first Search has ended. It was a major setback in the history of the motorclub. Only one member had showed up, Bart, since he also made the arrangements to go this was no suprise. Together with three others (Jessica as SPAM, Marco and Inge as backup for drinks and food supply) we did have a great day. First we got soaked to our bones as there was no dry spot between Boxtel and Butgenbach. Second there were some people who forgot to bring sleepingbags, and third there were several persons who forgot to show up at all!!! Pascal, what's your excuse for a windshield and Arjan, where the fuck are you on this earth?

Fourth and last encounter was that the rain never did stop anywhere on the 3rd, so we packed up our stuff and moved back home. We did got away with a free access to the camping untill the end of 2002. Anyways, here are the pictures to give an impression of Butgenbach during June 2nd and 3rd.
seems like it's big enough for the four of us, this place er... how many bikes do we count yet? drinking to forget the coldness here
here's our promo-team let's start our addiction the worse you look, the better you feel
we're not yet bored to death here for us one night with not too many sleeping bags was enough the one thing besides Diekirch that was enough of here...
nope, it is NOT raining... RIDE!!! a dry return in Boxtel, now where's the party? for rememberance of Butgenbach, viva la partytent
cheese-effect, sorry about that... burn burn yes you're gonna burn