Pilki-search May 2003

Don together with some friends came up with brilliant idea to ride out to the Belgian Ardennes or the Eiffel area in Germany this spring. Of course there is no way that this can be avoided and the invitation has been accepted as long as there were enough corners to be found as well as beer and a place to bbq.

We started out by going to a place called Valkenswaard, from where we would start friday evening with a private party. Very private, in the middle of woods.

After the first night, we were all eager enough to ride instead of sleep. This meant we woke up at around seven the next morning, ready to ride in a little more than an hour. To the next gas station, Bart's Dog was empty since the night before.
What would we do after a good day riding? Why ask...

What was a coincidence was that the campsite was owned by people from Boxtel-city. Or maybe many campings are. Hell, i'd like to own a few.
The next day there's too much to do to worry about leftover beer. Not that there was any, we also drunk all our neighbours stock as well. Bart nicked sunglasses of a little girl named Jamai, there we went again...