Pilki-search March 2004

March 6, 2004, we agreed on going for a run around. It was a nice saturday with a little bit of rain, wet roads and a lot of clouds. Not much traffic on the roads and a buz to go out. Tim (and Tom) went to buy some parts for his Beemer that almost burned out when Don took it to Germany. Jessica and Kim were off to look for a GSX-F 750 and Don, Juul and I took off for a ride and a visit to a supply store.

We almost hit Ell when Juul's bike made the sound of an old tractor. His sparkplug bursted out. Great, he waited for the yellow club of road angels while Don and I went to the shop a few km's down the road.

When we came back we were in time to see Juul's Fuzzer getting picked and strapped on. With the news that Kim's bike visit didn't go through we decided to go see some friends of Don in Achel, Belgium. And try underway to find a store for pilki...

Arriving there it was carnaval... THIRSTY!!! After a few coffee we went back again.

Returning home, we were without pilki. What a shame, again... Next time I take the map with stores with me...
The grin on his face, is that because he likes yellow in every kind of format?