Pilki-search April 2006

14, 15, 16 and the 17th of April 2006 was another pilki-search. This year we were with five people and had much fun in the sun. And rain.

The riders this year were:
Jan (CB450), Don (XT500), Tom (K1200RS), Jessica (GSX600N) and Bart (CB900F).

We started friday evening in Lanaken (Be) near Maastricht. Saturday we rode in a circle around Liege because we wanted to go to the southern Ardennes and not drive through big cities and on highways.

We arrived on a camping called Tro do way in the near of Bastogne and had a great bbq. The rain started pouring when we lit the bonfire, but that didn't stop us drinking beer. We have had two days of clouds and a bit of rain so far. The next day we wanted to go through Luxembourg and into the Eiffel area. An excellent idea, because we had much more sunshine and the roads were dry.
Jan needed to go home, so he went away a day earlier. Four of us were left. We found a hotel were you shouldn't eat the easter decorations. But shit happens. It was terrible, they had carpet on the floor, ceiling, walls, closets, toilets, you name it! But after a good nights rest we were ready to cross around the Eiffel for another day before turning home again.
After four days of much fun we drove about 1000 km without mechanical problems. This is a new record. Probably a long-standing one, because next time our bikes will be older and more worn, haha! Tom crafted a camera mount with which we have about 90 minutes of footage. There will be a dvd made about our tour. Some photos included. A digicam really is fun, but there's more work afterwards with it...