Summer 2000

During our summer holiday in 2000 there was the unstoppable urge for us to go down south again. This time we were headed towards Spain, Lloret de Mar to be more precise. It turned
out to be a great holiday, filled with Pilki and all other ingredients that are necessary. Unfortunately also with rain, in France and in Spain.

The other unfortunate happening was that our lost ex-member Renso finally decided to give his bike a name (the "Ditch"). He took the opportunity to follow Bart with his Anti-Gravity nickname. A dump in a ditch near Mende on the way back was an exciting moment. After a day phoning with the ANWB (Dutch traffic aid organisation) Bart gave Renso a ride to the busses
with all his bags. The former Intruder would be taken home by the ANWB. As you can see on the pictures it is obvious that Renso was not too happy with all of this.

Bart and Pascal still had some four or five days left to get home, so there they went. The trip home was again full of Pilki, BBQ, beer and driving a lot. Click on the pics for a full-sized one, all under 34 Kb!