Summer 2002

This year turned out to be a very good one for the holidays. This year we went off to the Chech Republic. Very nice indeed.

We started off in Boxtel on the 14th of July with four bikes and five persons. Tim, Tom and Pascal have joined us on the Bike for the first day. We had a very nice ride towards the German Dordtmund, Germany where we stopped to eat and drink, and said goodbye to Tim and Tom. They needed to work again on monday.

Pascal, Jessica and Bart did not work monday, but went to the eastern part of Germany, where the roads corner around and up and down mountains, hills and nice views. We love the Autobahn there, it's the best. I really got a kick out of overtaking expensive Mercedeses with 180 and the drivers looking like they'd seen water burn. Burn, baby, burn  was what I said to my bike.