Summer 2003

The four of us came up with the great idea to go on holiday together. For three weeks we enjoyed riding drinking and bbq-ing in the bohemian countryside of the Chech Republic.

It has been a very cultural holiday as well, we went to almost every castle that we came across. We also saw many bars, but thought it wasn't a good idea to only go out to drink beer. When we're driving that is...

Not many problems have occured. The Bol d'or has some startup problems because of the new found place for the petrol filter. The place to put it was in the middle (vertically spoken) between the tank and carburator. Also the K&N filter system didn't work perfectly, the gas jets were too small. Pascal's ZZR only had too much cooling liquid which was released in a city waiting for traffic lights in the hot sun.

Jessica's bandit simply was perfect. Accept for the centre stand which has been mounted too low. In good corners sparks are created!