The summer of 1999

Click on the pictures for a more enjoyable view of these thumbnails. We spent two weeks touring through France and enjoyed a relaxing time in Avignon for a week before we headed back to the Dutch lands again.

Bikers are bushmen, too!

White bodies roaming towards the sun

Sometimes you need to recover from long trips. Food helps, lazy chairs as well.

Nice corner, bad photo. Go seek yourselves.

Wanna play 'pull my finger'?

Renso sleeps again in our organised campingplace annex trashfield.

Go throw the original pilki at Renso, it's best in the morning.

On the Mont Ventoux Marco climbed towards one of his best friends...

...Again the Worldfamous Pilki, Marco was happy to arrive.

Here the bunch are recovering from their long trip to find the Pilki in real.

Time to come to our senses. Join us next time!

This is our interpretation of the coolest look.

You can't see, but it's Inge. She shrunk of the heat.

This is the way a day ends, and should.

Go do the Pilki-jump on Renso.

Aint this a nice place to put your tent in Bar-le-Duc?