V2 Total 2000

Again we went to go to the V2 Total show in Duisberg, Germany. Three of us went on bike (Pascal, Bart and Jessica), Renso and Fanny went by car. Frank and Ingeborg were of the opinion that all these bikes simply lacked 2 cilinders. During the weekend neither of the three groups have been seen together for obscure reasons we don't even know.
The golfbike, also the opener of the V2 show. a glamourous bike that costs a fortune we like buells for their playability This bike is awesome...

with a huge front tire... how the hell would you  bend this one around a corner?

we should've gotten a close-up instead

look at the saddle with penis-rest

if a V2 aint good enough, but you don't want a stock jap either, get yourselves a U.S. V8

topview of a cruiser with race aspirations one of the finest throw-around-the-corner bikes oldies still get awarded! and they're worth it. this one's worth an award as well

we didn't know that da vinci would participate as well

just two words for this latest new bike: Walz Hardcore this is a small but bike of a beauty... saddle up & go! if you look really good you can see that it's not a perfect row
where it probably all has started several years ago... Custom Chrome stands for quality bikes with attitude another missed close-up opportunity This one is Bart's favorite, mean and green but then red.
we thought that plastic would be forbidden... ...but for a streamline this is a good choice Of course Mr. Ness was represented again I just can't get enough?
for a trike this is a good option Even Suzuki starts their own line of brutal bikes finally. No more cozy bandits!!!
Bikes, Beer, Brattwurst Gimme the damn keys! kijke, kijke, niet kope...

not an option

let's simply just sit on a bike that doesn't cost over $20.000 Don't we look happy around here! hanging around with two guys can get a little bit tiring...