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The first show in Duisburg, Germany, where Renso was invited by Denc to assist at their multimedia show with his Libby. Bart was there to polish, taking pictures and downing beers. Hard job. Damn thing the polishing cloth got lost on the road... More time for the other important things in life.
Renso's Libby Renso & his Libby
Libby in the pit in the race for prices The first prices to be taken in!
Renso's Libby again for comment, see pic above
Two competitors... Pitiful the other won. Yups, it's all shiny
Rolf was here as well redbull, red blonde

Look for the differences between this...

And this...
To eat and enjoy save the trees, eat more beavers
To eat and enjoy... This beaver sounds like nothing else
Look, mam's breasts are bulled
Bring your Big Twin and your children